Our Vehicles


We supply a range of UD Trucks:

  • Heavy Commercial
    These are specially built for on-road long-distance hauling
  • Extra Heavy Duty Range
    These are on-road tractor-trailer units
  • Medium Commercial
    These are trucks up to 4 tonnes , ideal for in-town delivery. Available from June 2017

We source our trucks from the UD Factory in Rosslyn. The different components are imported, and assembled in SA. Bodies are manufactured by local body builders.

All our UD Trucks not only adhere to Euro III emission regulations, but continue to exceed the expectations of customers in various applications.

Our expertise in diesel engines has allowed us to produce trucks that are comfortable, safe and environment friendly.'

Quon – Moving You Forward

With the new Quon, UD Trucks has taken the lead in the ekiden race towards ultimate transport efficiency. The new Quon is a cargo truck refined in every detail to go the extra distance. Class-leading in fuel efficiency. With greater capability and driveability than ever. Backed by professional people making the extra effort to help you every step of the way. Ultimately going the extra mile for you, to move your entire business forward.

Quester – Made to go the Extra Mile

Quester excels on endurance. It's a reliable truck – durable and easy to maintain and with outstanding fuel efficiency. And it's a complete solution with first-class service and genuine parts you can trust. Whatever your line of business, whether it’s long haulage, distribution, construction or mining we have a complete solution for you. Quester is UD’s most cost-efficient truck ever. Not only when you buy it, but also when you drive it. It cuts fuel costs and maximizes uptime, giving you quick dependable payback that will help you succeed with your business

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